Set in Queenstown, New Zealand, Death Actually tells the story of Maggie, a strong independent woman who has had to be both a mother and father to her two children, Kate and Nick, now grown and with their lives in front of them. As a reluctant funeral director, Maggie is far from stereotypical. Death Actually is about love, death and what happens in between to the people in her community.

The story is full of different characters; there is plenty of action and each character has their gritty issues to confront. As well as being both sad and funny, this is also an inspirational tale of making the best out of life before it’s too late.

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Latest Reviews of Death Actually

“Loved this book, it is a treasure. After scanning previous reviews, I was reminded of how we see things through the lens of our own life. Some people saw too many characters. I saw a tapestry of lives, all woven around each other. The main character, Maggie, is a funeral director in a small town, of course, she knows most everyone. The author portrays funeral service realistically. She knows people well too and is a keen observer. as shown in her writing. Maggie’s service to friends, acquaintances, and strangers when they die is a joy to read. But there is much more to this story. All the individuals who live, work, play, and cross paths contribute to the tapestry woven by Ms. Fenwicke. Some people take, some people give. There is failure and growth, wealth, greed and poverty, past and present, misogyny, selfishness, grief, joy, and redemption. The stuff life is made of.”

Janice Richardson, Canada – Good Reads.
August 2018

The Reader – The Booksellers of New Zealand Blog

“Set in Queenstown, New Zealand, Death Actually tells the story of Maggie, woman who has had to be both a mother and father to her two children, Kate and Nick, when her husband abandoned them.

The sudden death of both her parents leads to her returning home to New Zealand from Australia with her young children, to take over the family business of funeral direction when her brother took off overseas following his parents’ accident. With the support of her best friend Elka and her mentor Betty, Maggie has had to accept her role and has since become very much part of the Queenstown community.

The reader is taken into the lives of the people who are important to Maggie with the author’s clever characterization of Lizzie, Elka and Betty making the writing realistic, and I really felt part of the Queenstown lifestyle. Nick and Kate lend a hand and support their mother and her friends, but there are some secrets in the background, which add complications and the new doctor in town is at times an irritation to Maggie…”

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“I was not expecting to love this book, but I totally did! I had not heard anything about it so I didn’t really know what to expect going in, but a huge thank you to the publisher and netgalley for this arc.

We follow a sudden funeral director, Maggie, through her journey of giving up on love and the relationships through family and friends that lead her back. I will say, there are many characters weaved throughout the beginning and it was semi-confusing to keep track of them at first. But once you get into the groove of the story and straighten out whos who, good luck putting it down. I was pulled in and completely fell in love with so many characters. While I did need to reach for the tissues a couple of times, it was overall not a heavy read despite some of the subject matter. I don’t think I would say this is my normal pick, but it was very well-written and I hope it gets the buzz that it deserves!”

– 5***** NetGalley Reviewer, May 2018

“A resonating tale of life, death, love, and friendship. Good to read over a cup of tea while pondering on the state of your life and meaning of your relationships.”

– 5***** NetGalley Reviewer, May 2018

“Is one ever allowed to say that a book was honest if they know it’s a work of fiction? Well, the details, dialogues, and characters were so real and vivid in how they went about their lives…. Or, when the new doctor-Ben, comes into town and she cannot help but be hot and cold around him. There are also Kate and Nick who in their own way model her strength as a single parent.

So, thank you NetGalley for the eARC, this was a heartfelt read anyone who’s ever loved, lived and cherished a moment or two with great people would enjoy this book.”

– 5***** NetGalley Review, March 2018

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